2022 Reading Retrospective

2022-12-26 00:00

I ended up fitting a lot of reading into 2022, and thought it’d be fun to start a retro series at the end of every year to track the memorable reads of the year. This probably isn’t everything - and that’s because I didn’t do a good enough job this year tracking papers and articles.

Man, I read so much Greg Egan this year.


2022 was the year of India and Central Asia for me. I consumed so much history in the latter half of the year that I’ve gotten a little sick of it.

Papers/Academic Stuff

I skimmed a lot of papers this year and read even fewer. Here’s some that made a lasting impact - whether that be in the way I thought about something or my work.


I skimmed a lot of articles this year, but also read a lot of them. Similarly, below are articles that I ended up saving to my read-it-later thingy that I think are worth a call-out. If we’ve been having conversations regularly, some of these will feel familiar.


I think out of anything that’s significantly shifted my thinking this year, it’d have to be everything on this list that’s Egan-related.