2023 Reading Retrospective

Jan 1, 2024

Another year, another low-hanging fruit idea to juice those post numbers. I think 2023 was dominated by short-form reading, mostly beacuse I was wrapped up with things this year that robbed me of my leisure reading time. Off the top of my head, in 2023 I:

Writing this before filling out the below list, my theory is that a lot of the reading dovetails with the above life events (barring all the reading material about mortgages, home ownership or electric outlet standards). Let’s see how accurate that is.

Final caveat as always, this probably doesn’t encompass everything I read - but I definitely did a better job tracking this year than the last.

History & Non-Fiction

Papers/Academic Stuff

Bunch of AI papers this year - for obvious reasons. Also trimming for the most memorable or the ones I’ve taken extensive notes on.


Again, I skimmed a lot of articles this year, but also read a lot of them. I’ve trimmed the list from my read-it-later system to include the most memorable or impactful.